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Transparency International

Transparency International, the anti-corruption non-profit, teamed up with a group of international analysts and journalists to uncover a huge corruption case named the Bottle Laundromat. The aim of this explainer video was to clearly and engagingly explain the whole case, and describe how money laundering works.

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Amnesty International

"Write for Rights" is an Amnesty International campaign that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals whose rights have been unjustly violated. The objective of this animation was to encourage a broader audience to participate in the global letter-writing campaign.

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Ostrich Short Story

Witness this short story of an extraordinary bond between an ostrich and a mouse, showcasing the beauty of friendship that transcends species.

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Coffee Explainer

Animating explainer videos is a particular source of joy for me. I love the process of transforming data and information into dynamic narratives, making them more accessible and engaging for audiences.

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Jumping Car

This car animation was such a funny thing to do. I enjoyed the creation of how the car stretches, anticipates the jump, and then how it follows through.

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